St. Mina The Miracle Worker

St. Mina (285-309 CE) was born to Christian parents.  His father was the ruler of Mariout district in Egypt.  He was barely eleven years old when he lost both parents.  When he reached adulthood, he was voted by the people to replace his father as their ruler.  St. Mina, however, declared, himself a Christian at a time when emperor Diocletian was issuing his edicts persecuting Christians.  The Roman prefect tried in vain to dissuade him from being a Christian.  At the end, he ordered his death and St. Mina was buried in the desert near lake Mariout.  Years later, the spot where he was buried attracted the attention of people when many animals and humans alike were mysteriously and miraculously healed.  It is also said that the daughter of King Zenon was cured after visiting "Mar Mina" (the burial spot of the saint).  The emperor then ordered the building of a cathedral over his tomb. It was one of the most beautiful churches in the world and the city, which was full of white marble that sprung around it, flourished with the pilgrims that came to visit.  St Mina is today called the Miracle Worker (El Agaybi in Arabic).