Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) of the 18th Dynasty moved away from the worship of the god Amon and instead he made the sun disk Aten the supreme state god during his lifetime. 

Akhenaton moved his capital from Thebes to Akhetaton (the Horizon of the Aton), nowadays El Amarna south of Al-Minyeh in Middle Egypt, 312 km south of Cairo. The entire city reflects the way of life of that period from the palace dwellers to the grave workers.
Akhenaton liberated himself from the conventions of Egyptian art of his day.  He is shown on temple walls worshiping the Aton Disk whose rays extend to him ending in human hands giving him life.  We also see him in scenes heretofore unknown to his predecessors.  He is portrayed in the company of his wife and daughters, affectionately playing with the latter in total freedom.  Akhenaton by solely focusing on his new religion, ignored the political and military interests of the state, which led to a deterioration in international relations.